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Instructions and Tips for Clients.

Online Image Editor

See Instructions

(Great way to resize your images and edit them for free) See Instructions.

How to Add to Your \”For Sale\” Page. (old version)

See Instructions.

How to Add to Your For Sale Page (new version)

See Instructions.

How to EDIT Your For Sale Page.

See Instructions

How to Add Posts to your Website/Blog

See Instructions

How Add Photos to your Photo Gallery.

(only if you have a Photo Gallery on your site.)  contact me if you don\’t have one.
See Instructions

How To Edit Your Photo Gallery  (YouTube video)

See Instructions

How to Market Your Website Using Social Media

See Instructions

How to Clear Your Cache 

Sometimes you can\’t see your updates you\’ve added to your site.   Or your clients can\’t see them either.  

It is because you have saved pages on your computer, ipad, phone, etc.  Everytime you look at a page on the internet, your device stores that so you can view it more quickly each time you go to that site.  To see the latest updates, you need to refresh that page or your browser, such as Safari, Internet Explorer, Chrome, Firefox.


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Add Your Site To Google Business



Updating your plugins.

This is for those that feel comfortable updating their plugins.  Sometimes things go wrong and your site must be recovered from a backup.  Make sure your site is being backed up and you know how to restore the site yourself or you will need to pay to have it restored.