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Marketing Your Website

Now that you have a website, you need to do some things to market it. Having fresh content is essential today, so do a few things to update your information.  Social marketing consists of a variety of options.  People love to see what’s new  and check their social media accounts daily. Use as many of these resources to get your site noticed and connected.

Sign up for the following accounts.


Most people already have a personal account, but need to Create a Page for your business.   See More


Download the App for Instagram.  Once you create your personal account, then add a Business Account.  See More


People enjoy looking on pinterest in their spare time.  Why not capture that audience? Create a Pinterest Account and upload images of your product or service.  See More


Create an Account for Youtube.  Videos are a great way to showcase your dogs, horses, business service or to offer information.  See More


This is a great place to show your credentials as being a business owner.  See More


Write a brief update or post an interesting article that your clients would like to know more.  Upload a picture or two.  Blogging regularly is good to keep your site fresh.