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Social Media

Today everyone needs to be on Social Media.  It compliments your website.

Your website is your ONLINE STORE.  It’s parked on the internet 24/7  and your customers can visit it and can find what they are looking for 24/7.

Facebook is a wonderful tool to gain more exposure to your business and spreads the word about your business.  Then your customer will go to your website to get even more information about your site.  Having a website can complete the sale of your product,horse,dog, etc and checkout using Pay Pal to make things smooth and fast.  

We can help you set up a Page on your Facebook Account that will be linked to your website.

We also suggest signing up with various other Social Media Platforms such as Linkedin, Twitter, YouTube, Pinterest, and Instagram.   

Having a “BLOG” on your Wordpress site will also keep it updated with your latest news about you and your business and keep your customers informed and coming back to your site.  You want to keep your customers and keep finding new ones.  Our clients use their blog to list upcoming puppies, when they are born, etc.  

Let us help you create everything you need to be on top of todays whirlwind of information!